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I’m Ali, an experienced yoga teacher in Holmfirth...

Starting my training with The British Wheel of Yoga over 15 years ago, I’m a widely experienced yoga teacher and a qualified Minded Yoga Therapist based in Holmfirth.

Over the years I’ve immersed myself in many forms of yoga practices and training with a variety of teachers and lineages. I’ve always been interested in the benefits of yoga for back pain, which led to training in Yoga Therapy for Healthy Lower Backs with the Yoga Biomedical Trust, plus I’ve also trained in Well Woman Yoga Therapy with Uma-Dinsmore-Tuli. 

More recently I completed my training with The Minded Institute as a Yoga Therapist, which has brought my many years of practice and experience together into a cohesive form – enabling me to apply all that I’ve learned to help others move towards healing through the gentle guidance of yoga therapy.

Bringing my background and passions into yoga teaching and therapy 

I am grateful to all the many different and wonderful teachers that I’ve been privileged to learn from over the years; they’ve inspired and influenced my approach as a yoga teacher, giving me a more creative and flexible outlook where I fit the practice to the person, rather than the other way around. 

While building my experience as a yoga teacher, I also worked for 20 years in the charitable sector with a variety of different service user groups, including those who were homeless, leaving care, experiencing mental ill health, people with disabilities, older people, those living with dementia and family carers. 

This work has deeply influenced me and helped me to grow as a person, and the approach I take in working with others has been shaped by these many interesting and varied human interactions. Due to my personal, family and professional experiences, I have a particular interest in working therapeutically with people experiencing chronic pain - from back pain to hypermobility and much more - and supporting those with mental health challenges through yoga and yoga therapy. 

From yoga teacher to yoga therapist

My decision to train as a Yoga Therapist was a result of experiencing more and more people coming to yoga classes and sessions with chronic ill health. Having worked with people as a one-to-one yoga teacher for some time, I understood and valued the benefits of working in this very person-centred way, building the practice to:

Support the health needs of the individual

Help manage symptoms 

Improve wellbeing

I was aware however that there were some gaps in my knowledge and skills, and I wanted to be able to hold a more clearly defined therapeutic space. The Minded Institute, with whom I trained as a Yoga Therapist, are leaders in the field of Yoga Therapy, combining trauma informed yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience and psychotherapeutic principles

Yoga for back pain and much more...

If you’re looking for a yoga therapist or an experienced yoga teacher in Holmfirth or anywhere in West Yorkshire, I offer a variety of classes and individual services – so if you want to explore the benefits of yoga for back pain, wellbeing, mental health, chronic conditions or simply as a way to relax and unwind, please contact me for a friendly chat.

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