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Yoga at Work

In the Office - Corporate - Business

Yoga and mindfulness can provide some incredibly useful tools for the workplace, helping to minimise and manage stress at work, help improve mental and physical wellbeing, increase productivity, enhance motivation, and reduce sickness and absence. Yoga and mindfulness practices can be applied to every and any profession. I have taught lunchtime classes in corporate businesses, provided yoga and mindfulness as activities for team days, delivered seminars, and taught one or two to one with individuals and in small groups.

I can provide a compliment of packages to support your business or workplace, from delivering seminars and workshops to educate staff about stress, how it manifests, and what we can do to minimise and reduce stress in our lives, to teaching yoga and mindfulness stress reduction practices on site. 

Yoga and Mindfulness for Sports Professionals

I have been privileged to work alongside elite racing drivers, helping them to fine tune their body-minds to improve their game. I approach this work from the perspective of creating resiliency and flexibility within the nervous system in order to become more responsive. This work helps by fine tuning the system to improve reactions in the moment and enabling the body to better recover.

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