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Tailored yoga therapy, Holmfirth

As a registered yoga therapist with The Minded Institute, I’m pleased to be able to offer a truly tailored approach to supporting your mental and physical wellbeing through one-to-one yoga therapy in Holmfirth.

When you meet a Minded Therapist you will feel the sense of support, understanding and knowledge that comes from true deep practice and insight. You will also feel the specialised approach that comes from well-honed intuition, the ability to really listen and to meet your unique and changing needs.

Heather Mason

(Founder of The Minded Institute)

Yoga therapy benefits

Working with a minded yoga therapist provides the opportunity for a complete assessment of all your needs:

Physical           Psychological           Emotional

Once these are identified, we then work in partnership using tailored yoga therapy practices in order to support them.
As a registered minded yoga therapist, I’ve been trained at a highly academic level in order to gain scientific knowledge of a variety of medical conditions, and to understand how they impact on the physiology and neurobiology of individuals. Yoga Therapy practices are then uniquely aligned with your presenting health needs to help regulate the system and provide relief from symptoms.

Sessions may include: 

      Breathing techniques
      Relaxation techniques
      The promotion of behavioural changes

These will be accompanied with home practices for use in between sessions. Minded Yoga Therapy can address structural, physical and mental health needs, providing a comprehensive form of holistic therapeutic support.

What can I expect from a yoga therapy session?

During your first yoga therapy session, an assessment will be carried out through a combination of a health intake form and an open discussion between us – you may also receive a physical assessment if appropriate.  
Together, we’ll draw up an outline action plan, which will typically involve elements of yoga postures, breathing techniques, and mindfulness and meditation practises. These will all be chosen in accordance with your individual needs and presenting symptoms.
Subsequent yoga therapy sessions will follow a similar format, with ‘checking in’ time at the beginning of every session to discuss the impact of any practices, and any changing or new symptoms. Psychoeducation around your symptoms and experiences may also be offered to help you gain greater knowledge about what’s happening in your system. Practices will be reviewed and built upon during each session to meet with your changing needs.
Most of my yoga therapy sessions take place in my tranquil home yoga studio. It’s a wonderful space where you can switch off from the world and focus on your own needs. 

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