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“Ali is a wonderful, understanding and very thoughtful teacher who is really focussed on each person and making sure they are comfortable/working at their own level. Her classes are interesting, varied and she is very clear in her explanations/instructions. I get huge amounts from attending her classes and always look forward to them. Yoga has had a massively positive influence in my life recently and Ali has been a big and very important part of that - I am so glad I found her class!!”


“I have a mental health condition and Ali has been extremely supportive and understanding with this. She has helped me to use my yoga practice to stay balanced and relaxed and also to apply certain breathing techniques in my everyday life. I also have sciatica and Ali has been great in tailoring yoga positions to help strengthen my lower back and not exacerbate any pre-existing pain.”


“I’m peri-menopausal and attending regular yoga sessions has helped me to build in essential time to stop and de-stress during the week.  The breathing practices have been really helpful if I have problems sleeping. My fluctuating menopausal hormones cause me a lot of stress and I really enjoy every class as I always walk away feeling a deep level of calm and relaxation.”


“I would unreservedly recommend Ali Yoga to everyone who is thinking about joining a yoga class. Ali is a very caring and passionate person and really takes the time to get to know the people attending her class and support them with whatever issues they present her with. She always has a smile and without fail I leave her class with a renewed sense of wellbeing and a positive outlook to deal with whatever arises in the forthcoming week.”


“Ali is both sensitive and joyful her well woman yoga was perfect for me bringing my very tender body to the class and was just what it needed. A Haven of ease and peace.”

“Post treatment (successful) of a cerebellar lesion I needed to improve my balance and wanted to develop muscle strength and flexibility. A friend recommended Ali’s classes. Ali helped me to develop new neural pathways and improve balance and orientation. The classes have also improved my confidence in my own physical abilities.”


“The work can be challenging yet is delivered in a style of acceptance, learning about and heeding one’s own limitations. Due to this style I find I have improved and without feeling competitive with other classmates. I would describe the style as flowing through a series of stretches to poses and warm down prior to an always welcome unrushed relaxation. Ali’s personality also induces a supportive team like atmosphere in the class where members are accepting of each other and encouraging.”


“I have attended regular yoga classes with Ali for the last 20 months and during that time I have learnt a huge amount about the theory and practice of yoga.  The classes are accessible for complete beginners and always feel welcoming and relaxing. Ali is a friendly and very experienced teacher and I look forward to her class every week.”

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